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Articles by Westrenen & Bleeker

Westrenen & Bleeker

Tessa van Westrenen (l) has over 20 years of Change Management and Organizational Effectiveness consulting experience; a strong track record in organisational health diagnostics, design and execution of results-driven improvement initiatives including business transformation. She has developed a series of leadership development programs that have been accredited by the Institute of Leadership in the UK. She is passionate about female leadership development. She lives in The Hague with her 16-year old triplets, a large dog and a grumpy rescue-cat, loves spending time outdoors and drinks too much coffee. Annemarie Bleeker (r)- with over 20 years of experience in Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness consulting, Annemarie excels in coaching top-level executives across both profit and non-profit sectors. She guides leaders on personal leadership, building strong teams, and steering their organizations through uncertain times. Annemarie is also the acclaimed author of a book on collaboration and teaming, which was nominated for Management Book of the Year in the Netherlands. As a former female leader in a large organization, she is particularly passionate about fostering female leadership development. Residing in The Hague with her husband and three children, Annemarie has a love for color, creativity, and has recently taken up boxing.


By Westrenen & Bleeker


When I worked in the corporate world, I associated talent with something outside of me. Talent was the area of ‘talent managers’. People who had long, complicated excel sheets that they were vigorously updating before important leadership team meetings.

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