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Mentoring: an invaluable relationship

As a 21-year-old female beginning my career within the Insurance, Pensions & Investments Division at Lloyds Banking Group, Women in Asset Servicing has been a pivotal platform for forming connections and accessing invaluable mentoring support.

After meeting Kate, (founder of WiAS) at the Scottish Widows’ Retirement Report back in October, she put me in touch with one of her connections, Elloise Staines, Depositary and CoSec Product Manager at Northern Trust. Fast-forward nearly six months and I have had the pleasure of learning, listening, and speaking to Elloise nearly every week about a range of topics to aid both my professional and personal development. This has highlighted the power of networking to me, particularly amongst women. Through connecting with Kate, it has enabled me to gain the support of an inspiring and experienced woman who I wouldn’t have had the opportunity meet otherwise.

Elloise and I have discussed and debated a range of issues, ranging from the gendered nature of imposter syndrome to developing a personal brand within the workplace. It’s been fascinating to hear her experience on these subjects, particularly relating to early imposter syndrome and how to overcome it. I’ve learnt that for many, it can be an invisible force, requiring the support of mentors, such as Elloise, to expose and crucially unpack the reasons why so many females (particularly those just starting out their careers) can experience it. By drawing on the links between our specific examples, this has shown the extent to which working in male-dominated fields can heighten some feelings of self-doubt.

Additionally, as a graduate working in a very different world to pre-COVID, I’ve also learnt from Elloise how to utilise the advantages of hybrid working. Despite being a millennial, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and LinkedIn are relatively new concepts to me! I’ve been grateful for her top tops in best ways of practice, etiquette and forming new connections online. I’ve also learnt from her about the importance of creating a routine around work, such as allocating enough time for exercise because this really boosts my mental health; and enables me to be more effective and energised at work.

I’m very grateful to Kate and Women in Asset Servicing for connecting me to such an inspiring mentor, and I’d recommend anyone in my position to get in touch and join the LinkedIn group. Mentoring works both ways, and I firmly believe that both individuals can really benefit from different perspectives, experiences, and ideas.

WiAS has launched a specific mentoring programme to facilitate the ease of access and so it really could not be easier to access this fantastic support.