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Book review: Why Men Win At Work

In her insightful book, “Why Men Win At Work” Gill Whitty-Collins delves into the persistent issue of gender inequality in the workplace. Drawing from her personal experiences, observations, and research, she unravels the intricate web of factors contributing to this disparity.

This thought-provoking read offers a unique perspective that challenges conventional beliefs, stereotypes and myths surrounding gender roles. Gill presents compelling evidence showcasing the positive impact of gender diversity on the performance and profitability of leading companies. She emphasizes the need for both men and women to understand the underlying causes of gender inequality and its repercussions on individuals and organisations.

The book serves as a catalyst for introspection, encouraging readers to question their own beliefs and behaviours both at work and home. Gill’s candid and unapologetic approach adds depth to the narrative, as she shares her own journey of career progression and transformation.

She highlights the importance of understanding organisational dynamics, promotion process and differing perspectives of men and women in the workplace. The author’s vulnerability in sharing her experiences makes the book relatable and impactful.

“Why Men Win At Work” is a must-read for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of gender inequality and its implications. It challenges readers to confront the reality that meritocracy, often perceived as the sole determinant of success, is a myth. Gill emphasizes that human involvement inevitably introduces biases and complexities that challenge the ideal of pure meritocracy.

This book transcends gender boundaries, offering valuable insights and provoking thought among readers of all backgrounds and beliefs. It encourages meaningful conversations about a topic that is often considered taboo or uncomfortable. With its engaging narrative and thought-provoking content. “Why Men Win At Work” is a must -have for anyone seeking to foster a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

About the author

Sharon is a highly accomplished leader in the financial services industry with over three decades of experience. She specialises in custody operations and client management, having successfully led teams that have delivered exemplary customer service.

Passionate about promoting inclusion, she was recently selected as a UN Women UK 2024 delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, where she will advocate for gender equality at the global level. With her extensive expertise and commitment to these important issues, Sharon continues to be a highly valued leader in her field. Find out more about Sharon.