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What does WiAS mean to our members

There are many benefits to joining WiAS, where you will meet like-minded people who help and support each other in their career and more importantly connect with people who can inspire and motivate you. In order for the industry to have more women in senior positions, you need to improve the talent pipeline and provide a venue for women to support each other.

Benefits of joining WiAS:

  • Peer interaction – positive relationships that encourage dialogue on topics relevant to you
  • Events – access a schedule of interesting and thought-provoking events
  • Knowledge expansion – a safe place to exchange ideas and grow
  • Personal development – learn skills to develop and stretch your capabilities
  • Raise your personal profile – connect with the right people
  • Enhance your network – develop relationships with new contacts irrespective of your level of experience
  • Staying inspired – listen to experiences and stories of others to inspire you
  • Social – have some fun whilst discovering more about yourself

Bring Out Your Inner Tiger in 2022!

As we all emerge from the Covid pandemic and two years of working from home we are all trying to move forward with our lives, both personally and professionally; being physically away from our colleagues and our professional networks has changed the way we work. However, things are moving forward and we hope that you can embrace the positives of going back to the office and meeting up with your teams again.

There has never been a better time to invest in what you want from your own future and to do it bravely. Which is why we have chosen ‘bravery’ as a campaign theme for 2022, running across all our events throughout the year and featuring in upcoming content for the website.

Every one of us is different, all having our own fears and challenges. It might be presenting to a large audience, speaking up for what we want from our own careers or even being able to say yes or sometimes no to things! Or pushing yourself into your discomfort zone and doing that parachute jump. Whatever your fear we want you to embrace it as part of our network!

We hope that by asking everyone to face up to their fear in 2022, however large or small it will bring out your inner tiger strength. This will allow you to take the brave steps needed to develop your successful career, wherever that career path may take you.

Be part of the conversation

As part of our campaign, we are asking you to share photos or quotes of your brave pledges on our LinkedIn page and on your own social media using the campaign hashtag #FindingMyBrave.

We will be adding resources to the website over the coming months and have lots of events planned which will incorporate the bravery theme. So, keep checking our events page to see what’s coming up.

How to get involved

If you are interested in getting more involved with our networking community, or would like to be notified about future events please sign up here.

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"Since joining WiAS, I have had the opportunity to meet some truly inspirational leaders. It’s also done wonders for my confidence, helping me realise that whilst I have achieved so much, there are other opportunities that I may not have previously considered."  
Stephanie Woodley, Church Commissioners for England
"My first event was an eye opener, the strength of the women speakers astounded me, they planted a seed and helped it grow. WiAS helped me achieve my ambitions; I knew where I wanted to go and they helped show me how. I will continue to use the support offered by this fabulous group of people, listen to their guidance, absorb their advice, and find the courage needed to navigate my way forward."  
Elloise Staines, Northern Trust
"WiAS has been hugely supportive of the work we are doing within education to inspire young people to develop confidence and make well, thought through, aspirational decisions about their future, as well as educating them on issues such as equality and diversity in the workplace."  
Kate Hutchins, Head of Careers, Kent College
"I really like the collaboration discussions, hearing from guest speakers and understanding challenges people have faced and ways in which to overcome them. I often take away what I have learned and apply that ethos into my working life, to the extent of having the confidence to take on an entirely new role within my organisation."  
Laura McKenzie, Aviva Investors